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Globalisation has brought the world together. Almost all the top global corporates do business in India, and all the top Indian corporates are either already global or becoming global.

MasterMyLife (MML) conducted a survey with top 25 global and large corporates of India on ‘What they expect from graduates/post graduates’ joining them from college. The gist of the survey result revealed that corporates are looking for ’emotionally and behaviorally intelligent employees who can contribute to cross-functional teams, and who possess skills related to new era corporate functions’. Some of these functions include Key Account Management, Talent Management, Corporate Strategy, Corporate Communication and Coaching.

To meet these industry needs and to tap the growing consulting and coaching business segment’s potential, MML in collaboration with the University of Mumbai’s Garware Institute (GICED) has developed industry, employment, entrepreneurship and competency development oriented Post Graduate Courses.


For the first time in India, we are introducing these innovative, and Industry oriented courses

Course Location: Mumbai

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Masters In Emotional Intelligence & Human Relations

Course Location: Mumbai

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Master in Emotional Intelligence & Life Coaching

Course Location: New Delhi

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Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Course Location: New Delhi

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Master of Business Administration (MBA)

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Why you should join us

Choose from new era management functions which are high in demand in MNCs, like Key Account Marketing (KAM), Learning & Development (Talent Management), Corporate Strategy & Communication, Consultant, and Life Coach. You have the flexibility to choose a specialization in the second semester. We offer career counselling guidance to our students.

Our learning methodology focuses on group-based activities, case studies and management games while simulating actual corporate workplace and business scenarios. This pedagogy has been designed to address corporates’ need for cross-functional teamwork competency development.

Our student leaders & champions are a direct part of the institute’s operations management and are involved in the decision-making process. This process has been designed to develop participative management skills, holistic decision making and situational leadership skills in the students.

Not only do we have tie-ups with multinational companies, we also help you get your own business venture off the ground.


Dear Career Aspirants,

If you want to be a future leader or a successful entrepreneur, this course is for you.  After a global survey, benchmarking with the best of the global university syllabuses I have designed the Master’s degree programs to specifically build a high competency level in you so that you can successfully take on any challenge in your corporate career, or successfully pursue your entrepreneurship dream. Emotional Intelligence is emerging as the single great skill that differentiates a great leader from the mediocre ones; as a result, leadership coaching and EI skills are in high demand in the corporate sector, and there is a shortage of professional talent in this space. 

We have a well-developed Corporate Relations Cell that is actively engaged with the industry and big corporate houses for on-the-job assignments and job placements. I welcome you to this innovative post-graduate education from the reputed University of Mumbai that is focused on developing you as a global the citizen who will make a positive impact on society.

What Our Students Say

The course has been a great learning experience—a life-transforming experience so far. It has made me more aware of myself and why I behave in the way I do.

Aditi Khatau, Master in EI & LC, Batch 2017-2019

I joined the course seeking a better understanding of the corporate world and how to accustom in the same, self-development and self-growth, surety in placement. It has also helped me in becoming a better human being by understanding how emotions work. I have already perceived a marked difference in myself and I am able to handle social situations better.

RiddhiSalla, Master in EI & HR, Batch 2017-2019

Learning EI has taught me about living and letting live—I try to put myself in other people’s shoes and try thinking from their perspective, and then reacting to the situation appropriately.

Niyati Mehta, Master in EI & HR, Batch 2017-2019

Being nonjudgmental and being open to others perspectives is a practice that does not come easily. However, since I started the course, I am able to apply it in my life. I have also learnt to deal with people on the basis of their representation system (Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic, Auditory Digital).

Vaishnavi Naikar, Master in EI & HR, Batch 2017-2019

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