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Globalisation has brought the world together. Almost all the top global corporates do business in
India, and all the top Indian corporates are either already global or becoming global. Working in
global companies requires a global mindset. It needs employees to work in a matrix organisation
structure and be adept towards sensitivities of global cultural diversities. Succeeding with
collaborative efforts, while working in a cross functional team is turning out to be a ‘success mantra’
for today’s global professional.
MasterMyLife (MML) conducted a survey with top 25 global and large corporates of India on “what
they expect from graduates/post graduates” joining them from college. Also, various Indian & global
consultancies and institution’s (FICCI, E&Y, Times Job, FT, WEF, ASSOCHAM, AICTE, UGC) surveys
were referred to during the design of course content and syllabus. The gist of the survey result
revealed that corporates are looking for “emotionally and behaviorally intelligent employees who
can contribute in cross functional teams, and who possess skills related to new era corporate
functions.” Some of these functions include Key Account Management, Talent Management,
Corporate Strategy, Corporate Communication and Coaching.
To meet these industry needs and to tap the growing consulting and coaching business segment’s
potential, MML in collaboration with the University of Mumbai’s Garware Institute (GICED) has
developed industry, employment, entrepreneurship and competency development oriented Post
Graduate Courses:
“Master in Emotional Intelligence& Human Relations”
“Master in Emotional Intelligence & Life Coaching.”
The main highlights of these courses are:
A Unique Teaching Methodology—Teaching methodology is based on learning through fun,
management games, case studies, experimentation and group work. The class is managed by student
groups who are led by student group leaders. Various competency development activities are
conducted while simulating actual corporate workplace and business scenarios. Students start
working in corporates from semester III onwards and take up on-the-job internship assignments and
live projects.
An Array of Unique SpecialiSations as needed by MNCs—Each of the Masters courses have four
unique specialisation opportunities, which a student can choose from during semester II. These
specialisations are directly related to the new era management functions in global companies, thus
enabling students to differentiate with other management post-graduates and secure the right kind
of job in MNCs.

Student’s Participation in Institute’s Management—At MML, student leaders and champions are a
direct part of the institute’s operation management. This is to develop the student’s competencies in
leadership and management, while giving them on-the-job exposure. Our Student Happiness Officer
(SHO) works closely with all the students to ensure that learning is student-centric and that students
are engaged in the classroom sessions. Student Relationship Champion and Counsellor ensures that
each student’s emotional and specific needs are being met.
100% Placement and Business Assistance—Our exclusive tie-ups with multinational companies
ensures 100% placement assistance to students. MML offers corporate coaching assignments to Life
Coaching students, to give them a head start in their coaching business practice.

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