Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)


  • Aligned with Indian & Global Industry trends & needs
  • Nation building, Employability & Entrepreneurship boosting
  • Curriculum benchmarked with top global management institutes’
  • New Era Unique Management Specializations
  • Integration of Life & People Skills with Management
  • Designed to meet latest UGC & AICTE Year 2018 requirements & intent
  • Course Management & Delivery by Corporates & Industry Experts



1) English I
2) Emotional Intelligence
3) Fundamentals of Business & Financial
4) Accounting
5) Environment Studies & Civic Sense
6) Choose 1 Subject from 5 Electives: Consumer Affairs / Business Environment & Trends / Business & Digital Law / Indian Economy / Disaster Management
1) English II
2) Psychology & Human Behavior
3) Economics: Principles & Theories
4) Constitution of India & Human Rights
5) Choose 1 Subject from 5 Electives: Business Finance / Managerial Accounting / Quantatitive Techniques / Behavioral Economics / Indian Vedic Wisdom
1) Organizational Behavior
2) Marketing Management
3) Human Resources Management
4) Computer Fundamentals
5) Choose 1 Subject from 5 Electives: Indian Ethos & Business Ethics / Bhagavad Gita / Vedant / Ahstang Yoga / Mahabharata - Management Lessons
1) Behavioral Intelligence
2) Operations & Project Management
3) Business Strategy
4) Choose 1 Subject from 5 Electives: Logistics & Supply Chain Management / Service Sector Management / Research Methodology / Business Acumen & Business Planning / Entrepreneurship & Innovation 5) Industry Internship (1 Month) & Report Submission
1) Business Communication
2) Specialization Elective I
3) Specialization Elective II
4) Specialization Elective III
5) Swachcha Bharat Abhiyan Activity (100 Hrs) OR Industry Internship (1 Month)
1) Corporate Governance & Ethics
2) Specialization Elective IV
3) Specialization Elective V
4) Specialization Elective VI
5) Mind Management & Human Values



Specialization to be chosen during 4th Semester. First 4 semesters are common in all the specializations. 5th & 6th semester has all the specialization subjects. This gives convenience to students to choose the specialization area after learning the foundation subjects related to the area of specialization during the first 2 years of the BBA course.

An exclusive ‘Key Account Marketing’ Specialization which is in high demand in large corporates & MNCs. Key Account Marketing is a strategic marketing function which manages large accounts for the company & it encompasses many strategic & relationship domain subjects as against regular marketing & sales specialization function subjects.
Specialization subjects in ‘BBA in Key Account Marketing’ (Student to choose 6 subjects out of 8)
1) Strategic Marketing
2) Consumer Behaviour
3) Digital Marketing
4) Advertisement & Brand Management
5) Key Account Marketing
6) Customer Relationship Marketing
7) International Marketing
8) Dissertation / Project Report
An exclusive ‘Learning & Development’ Specialization which is in high demand in corporates, training & consulting companies. Learning & Development is a specialized function in Human Resources, which focuses on Employee Development, Training, Talent Management & Succession Planning. It encompasses many core subjects as against regular HR specialization subjects.
Specialization subjects in ‘BBA in Learning & Development’ (Student to choose 6 subjects out of 8)
1) Learning & Development (L&D)
2) Employee Engagement
3) Balanced Score Card
4) Organization Culture, Change & Development
5) Talent Management
6) Succession Planning
7) Coaching & Counselling
8) Dissertation / Project Report
An exclusive ‘Lean Manufacturing & SCM’ Specialization which is aligned with the Nation’s priority – ‘Make in India’. Many foreign corporates are investing in Indian manufacturing sector & they need trained professionals, especially in Lean Manufacturing & Supply Chain Management to make Indian production/operations cost competitive.
Specialization subjects in ‘BBA in Lean Manufacturing & SCM’ (Student to choose 6 subjects out of 8)
1) Introduction to Lean Manufacturing
2) Decoding Toyota Production System
3) Total Quality Management
4) Supply Chain Management
5) Lean Manufacturing Processes
6) Lean Manufacturing Implementation
7) Principles of Lean Management
8) Dissertation / Project Report
A unique ‘Project Management’ Specialization which is aligned with the Nation’s priorities – ‘Make in India’ and, ‘Infrastructure & Smart Cities Development’. PMI, USA has conducted an international survey & has estimated 7,000,000 jobs creation in India in Project Management domain during the period of Year 2017 to Year 2027. There is a great demand for Project Management professionals in India across various sectors like IT, Manufacturing, Services & Infrastructure. This specialization is a step towards bridging this demand-supply gap with a professional training with a bachelor’s degree.
Specialization subjects in ‘BBA in Project Management’ (Student to choose 6 subjects out of 8)
1) Project Planning & Estimation
2) Project Scheduling, PERT & CPM
3) Value Engineering & Analysis
4) Project Management in New Product Development
5) Negotiation & Managing Organizational Conflict
6) Project Execution, Control & Risk Management
7) Project Evaluation & Auditing
8) Dissertation / Project Report
Currently, either there is a specialization in Finance & Accounting or in Economics. Both the professionals are required in the financial, banking, research & consulting sectors & study of both the domains helps a professional to widen his / her horizon by encompassing aspects of social science as well as of management, accounting & investments, have a holistic view towards society & finance, which in turn results in getting career opportunities in wide array of industry & consulting sectors. This is the objective behind this unique & combined specialization in Economics & Finance.
Specialization subjects in ‘BBA in Economics & Finance’ (Student to choose 6 subjects out of 8)
1) Microeconomics
2) Macroeconomics
3) Econometrics
4) Indian Financial System & Union Budget
5) Managerial Accounting
6) Banking, Insurance & Capital Markets
7) Business Finance
8) Dissertation / Project Report
Digital Economy or the Internet Economy is increasingly influencing our social and economic activities and even the way we live. The internet and its accessory activities including Information and Communication Technologies have given birth to new products, services, jobs, enterprises and even markets. World’s largest firms – Google, Facebook, Alibaba, Amazon, all are from the digital world. Besides the internet and the internet of things, several new inventions are about to alter the way we live and economically engage. Artificial intelligence, machine to machine communication, robotics, big data, cloud computing, 3 D printing etc. And, more importantly, our Nation’s priority is digitization through Digital India initiative. This degree aims to offer great career opportunities to graduates in future Digital India Economy & as well, create international opportunities for them, if not in technical & software domain, but in overall management domain as implementation & management of digital technologies require a great amount of understanding & management know-how related to Digital Management.
Specialization subjects in ‘BBA in Digital Economy’ (Student to choose 6 subjects out of 8)
1) Digital Management
2) Digitization - Technology & Innovation
3) Digital Sales & eCommerce
4) Digital Marketing
5) Big Data & Business Analytics
6) Cybersecurity
7) Industry 4.0
8) Dissertation / Project Report
Currently, in India, Communication degree is mostly related to Journalism & Mass Communication, wherein, there are limited career opportunities in large corporates related to Manufacturing & IT sector. Large corporates & MNCs need professionals who are qualified in organizational level & corporate level communication, wherein, in India there is a shortage of such professionals. Corporate communication is of a strategic in nature & hence, a professional with good acumen of corporate strategy, organizational culture & behavior is in a better position to succeed in this function. Large corporates & MNCs are also looking for professionals with corporate & business strategy development & execution know-how. Currently, only select few institutes like IIMs are developing Strategic Management professionals & hence, corporates face shortage in supply. This specialization degree is a step towards bridging the demand-supply gap in India in Corporate Strategy & Corporate Communication domain.
Specialization subjects in ‘BBA in Corporate Strategy & Communication’ (Student to choose 6 subjects out of 8)
1) Corporate Strategy
2) Corporate Reputation & Corporate Branding
3) Corporate Communication
4) Strategy Execution & EI
5) Corporate Culture
6) Corporate Social Responsibility
7) Mergers, Acquisitions & Joint Ventures
8) Dissertation / Project Report
Corporate Compliance & Ethics is an emerging field with great career opportunities in large corporates & MNCs. Compliance Officer is as good as a mandatory position under corporate governance guidelines. There are various survey reports from consulting & research firms like Deloitt & E&Y stating great demand Compliance & Ethics professionals in India. This specialization degree is a step towards meeting a growing demand for Compliance & Ethics Officers.
Specialization subjects in ‘BBA in Corporate Compliance & Ethics’ (Student to choose 6 subjects out of 8)
1) Introduction to Corporate Compliance
2) Ethics, Integrity & Organizational Culture
3) Code of Conduct & Professionalism
4) Risk Management
5) Compliance Laws & Regulatory Environment
6) Compliance Control Systems & Investigations
7) Cybersecurity & Privacy
8) Dissertation / Project Report
India is the first country in the world to make Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) mandatory, following an amendment to The Company Act, 2013 in April 2014. Businesses have to invest part of their profits in areas such as education, poverty, gender equality, and hunger. This has created a great demand for CSR professional in India, but, there are hardly any formal educational degree courses available in this domain. This specialization degree is a step towards meeting a growing demand for Corporate Social Responsibility Officers.
Specialization subjects in ‘BBA in Corporate Social Responsibility’ (Student to choose 6 subjects out of 8)
1) Fundamentals of CSR
2) Legal Aspects of CSR
3) Community & Social Development
4) Business & Society
5) Environment & Sustainability
6) CSR: Measuring, Reporting & Evaluating
7) Contemporary Issues in CSR
8) Dissertation / Project Report



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