Dr. Puja Sukhija

General Manager – Projects Pan India | Course Coordinator – Mumbai Region

An academician for over 25 years, Dr Puja Sukhija is a Passionate Trainer, Soft Skills Consultant, Curriculum Developer and a Seminar Leader.

Armed with two Doctorates in the fields of Education and Environment, she has worked with Educational Institutions, Corporate, Aviation and Hospitality industry, Media houses and NGOs.

The simplicity and naturalness of Dr Sukhija’s training methods have earned her the title of being “The Most Lively and Fun Instructor” especially with MBA college students. With a firm belief in lifelong learning and in the power of “I can and I will make a difference” she has touched, moved and inspired today’s youth who are drowned in zeta bytes of information and have lost the connect with “connections”.

She is a crusader of the viewpoint that “Personal Excellence” is the sole basis of organizational development and acquisition of emotional intelligence is the first step towards that journey

Harshana Uchil

Faculty: Cognitive Neuroscience, Emotional Intelligence & Organisational Behaviour

A post-graduate in Industrial Psychology, Harshana Uchil Kuveskar believes that psychology is the crux of human behavior. She also believes that since we deal with people from all walks of life on a day-to-day basis, the art of being emotionally intelligent is crucial.

After completing her post graduation in 2012, Harshana worked with Wipro BPS in their talent acquisition department for two years. After that, she started her teaching career in SNDT Ghatkopar in the year 2014 and continued facilitating the PG students of Industrial Psychology until 2017. Since then, she has been with master my life.

She had also presented a paper on the “The Effects of Stress on Students’ Performance”, during the 3rd International Conference on Stress Management (ICSM 2016). It was published in Stress Management Professional, an international journal that brings together research papers on all aspects of Stress Management

Prof. Dr. Satish Pai

With an educational background in HR and Psychology, amongst other degrees, Prof. Dr. Satish Pai has over 36 years of experience in the corporate and academic world. His passion on the subject of People Development has seen him fulfill a range of high-ranking positions in various firms, where he has been instrumental in forming people-oriented strategies to create competent, intelligent and emotionally mature leaders and managers.

Over the years, he has handled more than 1 lakh human resources and has trained and developed over 1 lakh individuals from 100 companies, through five management institutes and MDCs that he headed and managed successfully. Dr. Pai is also a noted Psychometrician and has developed psychometric tests for the Ministry of HRD, Ministry of Labour, and various other organizations.

In 2002, he won the National Best Trainer Award for his innovations in training and development. He has published over 24 books on Psychology, Management, HRD, Stress and Leadership.

Dr. Swapna Patker

Faculty: Emotional Intelligence, Behavioural Intelligence

A Multi-Faceted Person: A Psychologist, Counsellor, Corporate Trainer, Co Cognitive Therapist (CBT) and Wellness Consultant, among many, Dr. Swapna feels very strongly about her subject of emotional intelligence saying that it is connected with every person no matter which profession they belong to, if one wants to sustain in this world and live peacefully, successfully and harmoniously, the knowledge of this is essential.

Given her experience in various fields, she believes in practicality and sharing her personal experiences to enrich the content that she teaches.

According to her, there cannot be life without Emotional Intelligence in the future because we have to keep the distinction between man and machine. She believes that, albeit awareness regarding EI has begun, it is at higher levels and must be introduced in schools at primary level and gradually step by step induced in human life right from the beginning so it becomes easy for them to cope with the life they have to face in the future.

Narayanan Shankaran

Narayanan Shankaran is well invested in the arena of coaching, an area in which he has spent 21 years handling the HR in corporates, and since 2015, has been teaching the subject. He has a BSc degree from the University of Mumbai, and a PG degree in HR from Somaiya Institute of Management Studies. He has also created coaching frameworks for organizations, and co-facilitated coaching programs, that is, taught future leaders and trainers on how to be efficient coaches.

Narayanan describes his teaching approach as being experiential. “While I teach, I prefer to seek as much practical and real-time, contemporary relevancies to the subject. This enables participants and students to think deeper into their own approach, along with the theoretical inputs that they’ve been taught.,” he says.

When asked what he considers to be the future prospects of EI, HR and LC, he responded, “The future belongs to Artificial Intelligence. Hence, we need a very strong and mature ear to listen to and to listen from. Corporates will only seek to hire those with a high level of EI, that is, those who are ‘masters of themselves’, and those who showed a great level of empathy towards others, and help them grow.”

Supriya Sharma

After graduating from IP College, Delhi University and attaining a Masters from Welingkars Institute of Management and has been teaching HR since 2003. She is a visiting faculty at MEQ-GICED for Corporate and Business Strategy.

She feels that in an inter-dependent and ever-changing world, looking at corporate challenges from multi-dimensions is a distinctive competence. She has much to offer in the aspect of accentuating the meaning by backing up theories by real-life business stories and case studies, given her years of research and study of various sectors.

Regarding the course, she says, “The student, truly, is at the center of management pedagogy in
this temple of learning. It’s no monologue; dialogue exists between the faculty and students
here. The needs and challenges of the student in the real world are visualised, first and then,
every effort is made to equip them for the same.”

Vineeta Gupta

Faculty, Corporate & Business Communication

An HR professional, Trainer and Coach for more than 12 years now, Vineeta has done her MBA (HR) from ITM Business School. For a large part of her career, she worked in the field of HR in the corporate sector with companies like United Phosphorus Ltd, STAR C. Currently, she teaches as Visiting faculty in the areas of Business Communication, Interpersonal Communication and Organisational Behavior in colleges in Mumbai and consults at organizations like Poddar Developers Ltd.

Speaking about teaching Interpersonal Communication at MEQ-GICED, she says “There is a pressing need to develop leaders who are Emotionally Intelligent. The benefits and importance of Emotional Intelligence are already researched and proven. The content of the course being taught here is extremely relevant and practical.”

Kalyani Kamble


Kalyani Kamble is a certified Life and Leadership Coach from ICF, She has been into Corporate Training for last 15 years and has trained numerous corporate across various industries. She is a certified master NLP practitioner and an expert in Emotional Intelligence Coaching and Assessment. Her approach to training and coaching is highly experiential. She is amongst the senior most Image Consultants in India, She has trained more than 400 Image Consultants pan India with her association with Image Consulting Business Institute

Dr. Sukhmeet Kalsi


Dr.Sukhmeet K Kalsi is an enthusiastic Homoeopathic consultant and driven soft skills trainer, equipped in managing all aspects of behavioural skills. She has excellent communications, leadership skills, capable of mentoring a diverse group of multi-ethnic professionals, building effective working relationships across geographic cultural boundaries. She takes ownership of the learning that happens in the session bringing about synthesis in life and work contexts, thereby conducting purpose-led training programmes committed to foster conscious evolution and growth in organization and individual lives.

Mrs. Anitha Manickam


Mrs. Anitha Manickam is a compassionate individual who works with people to address their conflicts in the area of relationships and marriage. Hence founded ‘oomang’ counseling services to serve and enable people to live their expression in life. She even conducts workshops for students on discovering their selves from within, addressing conflicts, and life education to educate and unravel the immense potential from within in the platform provided by Victor Manickam knowledge group.

Mrs. Veena Bose

Psychologist & Counsellor

A post graduate in clinical psychology from the University of Mumbai along with an advanced diploma in counseling psychology from Prafulta counseling services, Mumbai. She has been counseling trainee teachers at Smt. Kapila Khandwala college of education since 2009, and has a rich experience of individual and group counseling with adults presenting with a variety of psychological issues.

With her pleasant demeanor, a positive attitude and life experience, she connects well with people and helps them to empower themselves to sail through difficult times in life. Apart from being a counselor, she is an ex-service person (Indian Army), a yoga teacher and a Pranic healer as well.

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