Dr Puja Sukhija

General Manager -Projects, Pan India, Course Coordinator – Mumbai Region.

An academician for over 25 years, Dr Puja Sukhija is a Passionate Trainer, Soft Skills Consultant, Curriculum Developer and a Seminar Leader.

Harshana Uchil

Faculty: Cognitive Neuroscience, Emotional Intelligence, Organisational Behaviour

A post-graduate in Industrial Psychology, Harshana Uchil Kuveskar believes that psychology is the crux of human behavior. She also believes that since we deal with people from all walks of life on a day-to-day basis, the art of being emotionally intelligent is crucial.

Prof. Dr. Satish Pai

With an educational background in HR and Psychology, amongst other degrees, Prof. Dr. Satish Pai has over 36 years of experience in the corporate and academic world.

Dr. Swapna Patker

Faculty: Emotional Intelligence, Behavioural Intelligence

A Multi-Faceted Person: A Psychologist, Counsellor, Corporate Trainer, Co Cognitive Therapist (CBT) and Wellness Consultant, among many, Dr. Swapna feels very strongly about her subject of emotional intelligence saying that it is connected with every person no matter which profession they belong to, if one wants to sustain in this world and live peacefully, successfully and harmoniously, the knowledge of this is essential.

Narayanan Shankaran

Narayanan Shankaran is well invested in the arena of coaching, an area in which he has spent 21 years handling the HR in corporates, and since 2015, has been teaching the subject.

Supriya Sharma

She feels that in an inter-dependent and ever changing world, looking at corporate challenges from multi-dimensions is a distinctive competence. She has much to offer in the aspect of accentuating the meaning by backing up theories by real life business stories and case studies, given her years of research and study of various sectors.

Vineeta Gupta

Faculty, Corporate & Business Communication

An HR professional, Trainer and Coach for more than 12 years now, Vineeta has done her MBA (HR) from ITM Business School. For a large part of her career, she worked in the field of HR in the corporate sector with companies like United Phosphorus Ltd, STAR C. Currently, she teaches as Visiting faculty in the areas of Business Communication, Interpersonal Communication and Organisational Behavior in colleges in Mumbai and consults at organisations like Poddar Developers Ltd.

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