Master’s In Emotional Intelligence & Human Relations


To develop students to be Emotionally Intelligent Human Beings enabling them to manage & respond to self & others’ emotions & develop Human Relations skills.

To develop employ-ability of students in wide areas of Industry by extensively training them in current as well as upcoming new trends in industry practices in Corporate Culture, Corporate & Business Strategy, Corporate & Business Communication, Customer Relations, Strategic Marketing, Human Resource Development, Digital and Social Media & Branding.

To develop Professional, Entrepreneurship, Decision Making, Business, Communication, Team Work, Consultancy Skills & People Skills enabling Students to apply them in corporate career or in their own business.


  • Modern Course of Global Standards with Syllabus benchmarked with the best of the International Universities, covering latest industry topics & case studies
  • Wide Choice for Specializations along with Elective Options
  • Industry Interface Cell & Extensive interaction with Industry for Practicals & Project Work
  • All-round development of Students, enhancing their Employability & overall Competence with Subjects & Practicals ranging from Professionalism, Entrepreneurship, Business Acumen, Decision Making Skills, Communication Skills to Emotional Intelligence, Behavioral Intelligence & Neuro Linguistic Processes
  • Career Oriented Courses with Wide Career Opportunities in various Industry Sectors like Manufacturing, IT, Retail, Consultancy, Hospitality & other Service segments in the areas of Human Resources, Marketing, Sales, Operations, Project Management, Business Planning & Analysis, Corporate Strategy & Corporate Communication.


  1.  EI & HR Consultant /
  2.  Learning & Competence Development /
  3.  Corporate Culture, Strategy & Communication/
  4.  Customer Relations & Strategic Marketing



  1. Bridge Course: Cognitive Neuroscience
  2. Fundamentals of Emotional Intelligence
  3. Neuro Linguistic Processes & Emotional Intelligence
  4. Emotional Intelligence: Modelling, Measurement & Future Applications
  5. Strategies to Improve Emotional Intelligence
  6. Neuro Linguistic Processes Techniques Practical
  1. Bridge Course: Marketing Management: Application of Emotional Intelligence
  2. Organizational Behavioral Intelligence
  3. Behavioral Intelligence & Team Work
  4. Interpersonal Communication & Conversational Intelligence
  5. Corporate Strategy & Business Strategy: Success Through Emotionally Intelligent Leadership
  6. Emotional Intelligence & Behavioral Intelligence Assessment Practical
  1. Fundamentals of Human Relations
  2. Strategies to Improve Human Relations
  3. Electives: Personality & Psychology Assessment / Strategic Human Resource Development / Corporate Reputation & Corporate Branding / Branding Yourself @ Digital Media
  4. Electives: Consultation Techniques for Common Life Problems / Employee Engagement / Balanced Score Card & Business Strategy / Strategic Marketing: Application of NLP & EI
  5. Electives (Practical / Field Work): Personality, Intelligence & Aptitude Assessment / Employee Engagement / Corporate & Business Strategy / Corporate Communication & Branding
  1. Decision Making, Professionalism & Ethics
  2. Entrepreneurship, Business Acumen & Business Planning
  3. Electives: Child & Adolescent Consultation / Succession Planning & Management / Business & Corporate Communication Skills / Consumer Behavioral Intelligence
  4. Electives: Group Consultation Theories & Techniques / Anthropology: Global Cultural Sensitivity & Diversity / Corporate Culture / Innovation & Entrepreneurship
  5. Electives (Project Work): Emotional Intelligence, Human Relations & Organization Success / Organizational Behavioral Intelligence & Profitability / Successful Strategy Execution / Success Factors in Entrepreneurship

Note: Student need to choose only one subject from the four Electives depending on his / her Specialization choice.

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