Dr Puja Sukhija


Dr Puja Sukhija

General Manager -Projects, Pan India, Course Coordinator-Mumbai Region

An academician for over 25 years, Dr Puja Sukhija is a Passionate Trainer, Soft Skills Consultant, Curriculum Developer and a Seminar Leader.

Armed with two Doctorates in the fields of Education and Environment, she has worked with Educational Institutions, Corporate, Aviation and Hospitality industry, Media houses and NGOs.

The simplicity and naturalness of Dr Sukhija’s training methods have earned her the title of being “The Most Lively and Fun Instructor” especially with MBA college students. With a firm belief in lifelong learning and in the power of “I can and I will make a difference” she has touched, moved and inspired today’s youth who are drowned in zeta bytes of information and have lost the connect with “connections”.

Dr Sukhija is an avid reader, a music lover and she enjoys meeting people and understanding their cultures and customs.

She is a crusader of the viewpoint that “Personal Excellence” is the sole basis of organizational development and acquisition of emotional intelligence is the first step towards that journey.

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