Narayanan Shankaran is well invested in the arena of coaching, an area in which he has spent 21 years handling the HR in corporates, and since 2015, has been teaching the subject. He has a BSc degree from the University of Mumbai, and a PG degree in HR from Somaiya Institute of Management Studies. He has also created coaching frameworks for organisations, and co-facilitated coaching programs, that is, taught future leaders and trainers on how to be efficient coaches.

Narayanan describes his teaching approach as being experiential. “While I teach, I prefer to seek as much practical and real time, contemporary relevancies to the subject. This enables participants and students to think deeper into their own approach, along with the theoretical inputs that they’ve been taught.,” he says.

When asked what he considers to be the future prospects of EI, HR and LC, he responded, “The future belongs to Artificial Intelligence. Hence, we need a very strong and mature ear to listen to and to listen from. Corporates will only seek to hire those with a high level of EI, that is, those who are ‘masters of themselves’, and those who shower a great level of empathy towards others, and help them grow.”

Aside from coaching, Narayanan is also a part of an NGO that works with school children from the rural areas of Maharashtra.

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