satish pai



With an educational background in HR and Psychology, amongst other degrees, Prof. Dr. Satish Pai has over 36 years of experience in the corporate and academic world. His passion on the subject of People Development has seen him fulfill a range of high-ranking positions in various firms, where he has been instrumental in forming people-oriented strategies to create competent, intelligent and emotionally mature leaders and managers.

Over the years, he has handled more than 1 lakh human resources, and has trained and developed over 1 lakh individuals from 100 companies, through five management institutes and MDCs that he headed and managed successfully. Dr. Pai is also a noted Psychometrician, and has developed psychometric tests for the Ministry of HRD, Ministry of Labour, and various other organisations.

In 2002, he won the National Best Trainer Award for his innovations in training and development. He has published over 24 books on Psychology, Management, HRD, Stress and Leadership.

Dr. Pai stresses on the importance of creating awareness about Emotional Intelligence, now more than ever. “Ever since I returned from USA in 1996, after completing the IIE, USAID course, I have been preaching EI-based training in Reliance, Eurasia, IL&FS, Aurionpro, SRS and other MNCs, as well as in the institutions where I taught MBA students,” he says. He believes that the EI courses at the University of Mumbai have the potential to be a benchmark in the field, as corporates need ready-to-work, mature and competent managers who will be effective in ensuring higher performance and productivity.


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