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Why is self development a worthwhile investment
April 26, 2022

Honestly, this is one of my favorite topics as I personally believe self development is

How to simplify your life
March 14, 2022

By now, we are sure you have figured out that life is pretty complicated. Things


How to become a successful business coach?

How to become a successful business coach? Table of Contents Are you running a start-up, small or medium business, or a large-scale organization? If yes, then business coaching is for

How to become a successful life coach?

How to become a successful life coach? Table of Contents As a life coach, you'll have the opportunity to help others achieve their goals and make positive changes in their

Positive Psychology Coaching vs Life Coaching: A Comparison

Positive Psychology Coaching vs Life Coaching: A Comparison Table of Contents “Positive psychology coaching”, “life coaching”, “psychology”, and “positive” all sound like words used by therapists, right? Yes, you are

Why become a Coach?

Why become a Coach? Table of Contents “I want to help people” that’s your goal. Helping someone could be helping them cross the street, paying the bill for the person

How to choose a coaching specialization?

How to choose a coaching specialization? Table of Contents You’ve decided that you want to become a coach and are ready to take the next step - which is to

How to choose the right coaching education institute?

How to Choose the Right Coaching Education Program? ‘Who’s the best teacher? What’s the best school for the course I want to pursue? Who’s the right professor I can take

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Deepak Varma
Founder and Director

Deepak Varma is the creator of the accredited diploma in Speakology™ program. An Ikigai™ Coach, Deepak is a renowned keynote speaker and also a healer who has developed the healing technique, “Healify” which taps into the subconscious of the individual to holistically heal his clients. His free e-book on Ikigai can be downloaded at bit.ly/iki-ebook

He has conducted more than 3000 workshops across 10 countries, trained 35000+ individuals from more than 75 organizations. He has authored the best selling book “The Joyful Quotient” in 2019. Deepak is a master Udemy trainer with 4000 students, and growing every second, spread across the globe. He is also the co-founder of Entrepreneurs International, a learning and networking platform with executive members from 30 countries across the globe.

His Free and Paid learning courses can be viewed at www.deepakvarma.in

Associated with MML : Faculty Member
Organization Name : Technospirit Consultancy
Focus Area : Ikigai™, Speakology™, Healify

Anita Sachdev

Anita Sachdev is an Intercultural consultant, leadership coach and a thought partner A globally seasoned business professional and an Award Winner ICF-PCC certified coach. Anita’s versatile leadership experience spanning over four decades across multiple industries, countries, and cultures to enable coachees to bust through their mental blocks and transform them into dynamic, confident decision makers. Besides coaching business leaders, I support clients during life transitions, ignite ambition, and propel growth by freeing  their minds to boldly embrace new opportunities with unwavering certainty.  My  group coaching programs support “Career Pathfinders” and Women to “Step into the Spotlight” have gained global recognition.

Associated with MML : Faculty Member/ Coach
Organization Name : I’ve Made it
Focus Area : Executive, Leadership and Career Coach, Cross Cultural Cultural Consultant

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