EVOLVE your coaching practice without spending a fortune on ineffective workshops that lack material.

ICF CCE MasterClass for Coaches Workshop Series by MasterMyLife

A to-the-point and no-nonsense workshop series where coaches learn to APPLY

Online live sessions

30+ ICF PCC and MCC


3+ hours live

coaching sessions

Explore new credential


Earn 12 CCE


Learn 6 NEW, PROVEN coaching tools, experience AUTHENTIC and LIVE coaching sessions by ICF PCC, MCC coaches


Hurry Up!

Register here for MML ICF CCE MasterClass for Coaches Workshop Series and pay Rs 4000/- to attend all the 6 workshops.

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Hurry Up!

Register here for MML ICF CCE MasterClass for Coaches Workshop Series and pay Rs 4000/- to attend all the 6 workshops.

  • 00Days
  • 00Hours
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  • 00Seconds

Watch how Vinny Agarwal benefitted from the MasterClass

What you’ll gain

Your Investment?

6 Workshops

  • International certification by ICF
  • 12 hours of learning
  • Gain 12 ICF CCE units
Rs 6000 Rs 4500
  • Gain 12 ICF CCE units

  • Helmed by domain expert

  • 2-hour live sessions

  • 20+ expert coaches

1 Workshop

  • International certification by ICF
  • 2 hours live sessions
  • Gain 2 ICF CCE units
Rs 1100
  • Helmed by domain expert

  • Choose the topics to attend

  • 2 hour live sessions

  • 2 ICF CCE units

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    Workshop Faculties

    Learn & network Live with 30+ International Industry Experts.

    Workshop Faculties

    Learn & network Live with the Industry Experts

    Hemant Lawanghare

    Founder Director MML, Emotional & Behavioural Intelligence Expert, ICF Executive Coach & NLP Master Practitioner

    Pallavi Tamboli

    ICF PCC Coach, OD Coach & Senior Practitioner EMCC

    Dr Harshada Mulay

    Director Academics MML, PhD in Emotional Intelligence & Life Coach

    Latha Iyer

    ICF PCC Leadership & Growth Coach, OD Coach and NLP Master Coach

    Maya Sadasivam

    ICF PCC Leadership Coach and NLP Master Practitioner

    Shyam Kalle

    ICF Mid-Career Transformation Coach & NLP Master Coach

    Rajagopalan Sreekumar

    Gallup Certified Strengths Coach & NLP Master Coach

    Milind Kher

    Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, Emotional Intelligence Specialist

    Ruchika Banta

    ICF PCC Coach & Emotional Intelligence Coach

    David Valle

    Emotional Intelligence Coach

    Prathibha Parameswaran

    ICF Certified Life Coach, Career Coach, Emotional Intelligence Coach, and NLP Coach

    Deepak Varma

    Ikigai Coach

    Dr. Shilpa Suri

    Positive Psychology Practitioner, Doctorate in Psychology

    Dr Niti Kapoor

    Positive Psychologist, Doctorate in Psychology

    Dr Vasudha Neel Mani

    International Certified Career Coach and Double Masters in Psychology & Education

    Shaleen Porwal

    Positive Psychology Practitioner, Positive Parenting & Education Practitioner, Certified in Emotional Intelligence

    Paromita Mitra Bhaumik

    Founder-Director of Anubhav Positive Psychology Clinic, Masters in Psychology, Certified in CBT & Neuropsychology

    Shravasti Sanyal

    Counselling Psychologist, ICF Certified Life Coach, EQ & Life Skills Coach, and Parenting Coach

    Nirmal Kumar

    Spiritual Intelligence Coach, Marshall Goldsmith Executive & Team Coach, and Licensed Transformation Coach

    Geetika Maria Taneja

    ICF Certified Business Coach, Life Coach, Certified in Positive Intelligence (PQ), Hypnotherapy and Pranic Healing

    Marc Bestgen

    Positive Psychology Master Coach & Mindfulness Coach

    Sushama Kulkarni

    ICF PCC Coach & OD Coach

    Ankur Agarwal

    ICF PCC Transformation Coach & Entrepreneurship Development Coach

    Nandita Jain Mahajan

    Marshall Goldsmith Executive & Team Coach, ICF ACC OD Coach, IT Advisor

    Shikher Chaudhary

    Director of Neurons Inc. Asia, Master of Science – Cognitive Neuroscience, King’s College, London, BCIA certified Neurofeedback Therapy

    Osama Al- Mosa

    ICF MCC Coach, Professional Coach – NeuroLeadership, Mentor Coach and Coach Assessor

    Preeti Khare

    ICF Life Transformational and Relationship Coach, State President, Coaching Council WICCI

    Srikanth C V

    International Corporate Executive Coach, Mentor Life Coach, Corporate Trainer, Spiritual Counsellor, Dale Carnegie T3 Graduate

    Aarti Sahu

    Vedica Scholar, Emotional Intelligence Coach, Six Sigma Professional

    Meghna Shrivastava

    Leadership Coach (PCC, ICF), Coach Trainer, Coach Assessor, Chapter Leader and Board Member, ICF Mumbai

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    MML’s vision is to create on accessible learning ecosystem to create empowered global citizens.we collaborate with progressive universities and professional bodies for life-skills integrated higher education and with corporate houses for industry sector-specific organizational and employee development programs
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