Janhavi Bandiwdekar

Janhavi’s story: How Master’s in EI helped her improve people skills & helped her getting her first internship at GRP Ltd.

Name : Janhavi Bandiwdekar
Year Graduated : 2022
Course: MA in Emotional Intelligence and Human Relations (specializing in Key Account Management)

Q1. What inspired you to go for Life Coaching Certification or masters degree?

The uniqueness and vast syllabus of the degree along with various certification courses inspired me to pursue Masters in EI & HR

Q2. How has the course with MML changed your life?

It has given me opportunities to develop my personal and people skills to a greater extent. MML has provided me with a platform to improve and extend my capabilities.

Q3. Describe the greatest opportunity you received while studying at MML?

The Webinars and my first Internship with GRP

Q4. Any advice to those who are new to coaching/ masters degree ?

You need to be involved and open minded while pursuing EI. Doing that will allow you to learn quickly, improve your potential and manage team members/ colleagues with ease.

Q5. Top skills you think you’ve developed after joining MML?

Presentation skills, (hosting/ event management skills?) Listening skills

Q6. the subjects or any highlight you loved/enjoyed the most in your whole experience?

EI, strategic marketing, consumer behavior, spiritual intelligence course, NLP

Q7. When you’re not thinking about coaching or studying, what do you do for fun?

I make to do list. Clean my surroundings, dance, write poems, go out w friends or read book.

Q8. One thing you would want everyone to know about yourself

I respect people who respect time./ I love to hear different povs, thoughts and opinions which differ from mine.