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I hope you all had a wonderful start to the year. At MML, we definitely are having an exciting year with a lot of happenings taking place both at the personal and professional level (one of them being the launch of this amazing newsletter!

The Growth Journal will be your weekly dose of self growth, wellbeing, coaching updates sent straight to your inbox. Each email will take you through the road of wonderful insights, tools, and teachings to help you live a more meaningful, adventurous and self actualised life.

These emails will help you transcend the ordinary, will help in navigating your struggles wit​h greater ease, and find deep appreciation for the gift that is this wonderful life.

I promise, there won’t be any side effects of this amazing creation, you’ll only experience the inspiration, creative energy flow and some useful information.

During an introduction, make a note of someone’s eye color. You’re not going to use this information, just take a note of it. It leads to optimum eye contact.
A hack to be friendly and confident.

Self Transformation Principle: An animate video exploring how Saint Naradmuni’s actions transformed a thief into one of the greatest
gurus of the era

How To Jhana( Deep Mindful Absorption): Enjoy this tutorial from Michael Taft on the best way to get to exceptional conditions of profound absorption

How To Jhana( Deep Mindful Absorption): Enjoy this tutorial from Michael This is an image of Tsubetsu Pass in Japan. Significance of this Mountain is that it is used in a form of forest therapy where people climb to this high peak amidst clouds and experience the view like angels while sipping tea during sunrise.

A list of groups/communities/websites looking to hire coaches & provide networking opportunities. If you are looking for a paid coaching assignment, networking or need a coach, the below link is for you!

Groups / Communities database

The truth of our interconnectedness has given birth to the

“Atman Intelligence”

The concept was explained beautifully by our expert coach in spiritual intelligence sessions!

Let’s take you in the insightful sessions.

​​”There are times when we can plainly see the end of the tunnel, but sometimes we feel completely lost and unsure of ourselves and our place in the world.”

Keeping this in mind, Aditi Khatau founded Evolve- a personal growth app!

She is a first-age entrepreneur and a passionate business woman. Presently a practicing coach, she masters in life coaching and relationship coaching. She is passionate to help individuals realize their inner potential which led her to be a part of Coaches for you- a support initiative by India’s ICF Coaching Community.

You can leave us a note sharing what's on your mind. You can tell us If you would like to get featured in the next issue, share your victories/failures, inspiring stories or anything full of wisdom with us and voila!

General love notes and messages of appreciation are of course
welcome as well. 🙂

We hope you enjoyed our first issue of The Growth Journal. Feel free to reply and tell us what you think. It's just a start, we are coming up with some more exciting stuff, some amazing insights and definitely some surprises & freebies!

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Ashwin Lawanghare & the MML Team

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