Niriksha Burman

Niriksha’s Story: chasing her dreams to explore human behaviour lead to a full time role at MML

Name : Niriksha Burman
Year Graduated : 2022
Course: Masters in Emotional Intelligence and Human Relations specialization Learning and Development

Q1. What inspired you to go for Life Coaching Certification or masters degree?

My keen interest in understanding people’s emotions, leadership, psychology behind how people behave and also coming from the Hospitality And Tourism Management, customer handling also had do a lot with what keeps a person coming to a brand. So in a nutshell understanding Humans inspired me to go for my Masters Degree.

Q2. How has the course with MML changed your life?

The course has changed my life is a lot of way. With the concepts like EI, BEQ and NLP it has helped me analyse and rationalize my own surroundings and people in it. Both in my personal and professional life.

Q3. Describe the greatest opportunity you received while studying at MML?

The greatest opportunity MML ever gave to me is to make me realize my core competency and potential as an individual. When I joined as a student I was very excited to learn this out of the way course and as the days went I joined MML as an intern, with my potential the day Dr. Harshada Mulay and Mr. Hemant Lawanghare gave me the opportunity to join MML as a permanent employee was the time I felt that I learning the best thing in my life.

Q4. Any advice to those who are new to coaching/ masters degree ?

I won’t give as advice but the people who are new to this world just can try to resonate with these new concepts with day to day things we do. That makes this learning very fun and easy.

Q5. Top skills you think you’ve developed after joining MML?

Behavioural Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence, Leadership

Q6. the subjects or any highlight you loved/enjoyed the most in your whole experience?

Behavioural Intelligence and helped understand people at a very first interaction it’s to understand a person’s temperament.

Q7. When you’re not thinking about coaching or studying, what do you do for fun?

Watch friends and anime and do a lot of certificate courses

Q8. One thing you would want everyone to know about yourself

About me it’s actually very simple that it’s all about Learn, Lead, Levitate.