Shilpi Srivastav

Shilpi’s story : How a philanthropist by nature explored her true calling by becoming a Coach

Name : : Shilpi Srivastav
Year Graduated : 2022
Course : Masters in Emotional Intelligence and Life Coaching

Q1. What inspired you to go for Life Coaching Certification or masters degree?

The purpose of my life is to serve humanity by empowering each individual so the objective of joining this program was to learn the skills which will further help me to work with people and support them to completely take charge of their life, move from good to great and also help me to become a more value creating person.

My decision to join MML was very impulsive but I am extremely happy that I took this decision that has given me an opportunity to polish myself in so many different ways.

Q2. How has the course with MML changed your life?

The course with MML has transformed me into a better human being and this has really helped me in strengthening my relationship with my ownself and with others around me.  It has helped me to bring forth my true potential and the impact that I am making in my coachee’s life  is so fulfilling.

Q3. Describe the greatest opportunity you received while studying at MML?

One of the greatest opportunity that I received while studying with MML is to do ICF ACTP training and get trained and mentored from highly qualified and experienced coaches. I have met some amazing people on this journey and interaction with them itself has been a great enriching experience for me..

Q4. Any advice to those who are new to coaching/ masters degree ?

Q5. Top skills you think you’ve developed after joining MML?

Emotional intelliegence

Understanding of human behaviour

Public Speaking – MML gave me so many opportunities that I have completely overcome my stage fear.

Q6. the subjects or any highlight you loved/enjoyed the most in your whole experience?

I loved studying NLP, Behavioural intelligence, Relationship coaching, Conversational intelligence.

Q7. When you’re not thinking about coaching or studying, what do you do for fun?

I party with my friends, go for treks and at times just do binge watching of a web series.

Q8. One thing you would want everyone to know about yourself

Having undergone severe depression myself, I am on a mission to spread awareness about mental health and creating an environment , where people can easily come forward and talk about their mental health without the fear of being judged.