Shivani Jain

Shivani’s story: How a L&D professional reconnected with herself and others on emotional & spiritual level

Name : Shivani Jain
Year Graduated :

Q1. What inspired you to go for Life Coaching Certification or masters degree?

Being a student of Life, I have always been curious to connect with self more. With the pandemic on the verge, I decided to upgrade myself and therefore was looking was some program. I come with 16 years of experience in L&D and believe in continuously up skilling myself. Therefore the MML an advertisement on FB immediately caught my attention and I enrolled for webinar by Mr. Hemant Lawanghare. It was so impressive and immediately striked the cord with what I was looking. In 2 days, I received the call from Harshada Ma’am and I decided to enroll for the course.

Q2. How has the course with MML changed your life?

MA in EI and LC has opened up so many areas of improvement within me. I got a chance to work on myself, get clearer vision and got help from the mentors to revisit my goals (which have completely changed now). Instead of thinking about fear, I now feed my brain with more opportunities which are available to me and It set the momentum to keep trying till I achieve the goal. Therefore it has made me more confident, more focussed, more aware, more empathetic and a better human being above all.

Q3. Describe the greatest opportunity you received while studying at MML?

MML has given me many opportunities to look towards life with a clearer and better lens. It has helped me to participate in creating a learning environment for all. First of all provided me the opportunity to Earn while Learn where I earned also along with learning the new concepts. MML has also provided me the platform to present myself as a mentor to the peer learners as well as a Coach to help the peer learners become more empowered. Thus it has given me an Experiential learning experience in real sense.

Q4. Any advice to those who are new to coaching/ masters degree ?

It will be – LISTEN, PROCESS and Practise

Listen to all knowledge shared by the learners.

Process the information to get better understanding (read books, do online research, discuss in teams)

Practise all the concepts that you learn and keep on checking your learning by practising more by sharing and getting feedback from peers and faculties. Keep practicing till it becomes a regular way of doing the things, your natural way of completing the tasks.

Q5. Top skills you think you’ve developed after joining MML?

Empathising, more organised and more aware about surrounding environment (self and others).

Q6. the subjects or any highlight you loved/enjoyed the most in your whole experience?

I loved the Cog Neuro subject as it helped me a lot to understand how to develop my own personality. It is complex but really helpful in understanding how brain works and thus helped me understand my behaviour patterns. Also subjects like Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Conversational Intelligence, Behavioural Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence and above all, all the topics covered in Coaching sessions; I enjoyed and learned a lot. It’s a complete package in itself.

Q7. When you’re not thinking about coaching or studying, what do you do for fun?

I am also an Angel card reader and an avid fan of nature. So I do Angel card readings for family and friends or love to be in the nature, do retreats and nature walks.

Q8. One thing you would want everyone to know about yourself

I am a student of master class called LIFE.