Ujjwala Ravindra Gole

Ujjawala’s story : Starting her second innings as a coach

Name : Ujjwala Ravindra Gole
Year Graduated : 2022
Course : M.A. in EI and LC

Q1. What inspired you to go for Life Coaching Certification or master’s degree?

I always wanted to do Master’s Degree. In my family everyone is postgraduate. However, I was not sure in which subject I should do. I didn’t want to do in Engineering subject. When I came to know about curriculum of this Master’s Degree in EI and LC, I was very much interested in doing the same. The opportunity to practice as a Life Coach inspired me to take up this Master’s Degree,

Q2. How has the course with MML changed your life?

I am more confident and happier in my personal life. My understanding about life and other people has increased much more. This course has given me a hope to start my second innings as a Life Coach. So personally, and professionally it has helped me to become a better person.

Q3. Describe the greatest opportunity you received while studying at MML?

I got chance to do ICF- ACTP Global certification. I got to learn from industry experts. I learnt to make powerful presentations.

Q4. Any advice to those who are new to coaching/ master’sdegree?

Believe in yourself and your dreams. Life Coaching is best program even if you are looking for only personal development. It is excellent course to make you a complete Life Coach Professional.Choose Life Coaching as a profession only if you are passionate to work with people and help them grow or become successful.

Q5. Top skills you think you’ve developed after joining MML?

I have become emotionally intelligent person. I am more confident and my self-esteem has increased. I have better understanding of Human behaviour.

Q6. The subjects or any highlight you loved/enjoyed the most in your whole experience?

All the subjects are equally good. Difficult to select few. But to mention I loved Emotional intelligence, Behaviour intelligence, Business strategy and Entrepreneurship Planning.

Q7. When you’re not thinking about coaching or studying, what do you do for fun?

I watch movies or web-series. I visit my friends or relatives and spend time with them. I like to spend time in and around nature, so I take care of plants or go for a walk-in nature.

Q8. One thing you would want everyone to know about yourself.

I care for people and I am passionate to help people grow and become successful. I believe that each person has power within themselves to fulfil their dream.