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Program Overview
Program Structure
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Program Overview:

This program is crafted to provide all the coaching tools and techniques and a curriculum that adapts to emerging research and trends in the industry

It is founded with the vision of meeting all coaching needs in one platform.

To specifically focus on strategic thinking, cross-functional knowledge & innovation.

This program helps students to become Emotionally Intelligent Human Beings enabled to manage & respond to self & others' emotions & develop skills of Self Awareness, Self-Management, Self-Motivation, Empathy & Social Relations.

Understand Human Psychology influencing Human Behavior & to develop valuable relations with other people, by understanding underlying principles of Life Coaching

Understand fundamentals of Life & get exposed to current worldwide Coaching practices in different specialisations & learn to apply those in professional life.

Develop different skills such as entrepreneurship, decision making, business communication, teamwork, consultancy skills & People Skills which would help students develop their Coaching Business and practice.

Develop Coaching Competencies as per International Coach federation guidelines and equip the candidates with a detailed understanding of Coaching Credentials Process

Enable the candidate to initiate their own Life Coaching ventures with the Business Plan and Social Media support

Students who opt for this program will have the advantage of receiving a well-rounded education in the field of coaching which will include at least 12 certification programs, saving both time and money spent on myriad training programs.

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Key Features:

Start your Coaching Business/Practice Parallel to the course commencement

Attain Social recognition & personal growth

24*7 access to Learning 4.0 ecosystem to learn anytime from anywhere including expert-curated notes (Coach Study Guide) & learning Videos

Support from 'YML Coaching Hub' for coaching business launch & business

Free membership to the global coaching circle

Dual Certificates by Mumbai University & ICF - USA

Start your Coaching Business/Practice Parallel to the course commencement

MML “all-round” Career Support Ecosystem

Specialisation Covered:

Executive Coaching

Family Coaching

Business Coaching

Career Coaching

Life Coaching

Transition Coaching

Relationship Coaching

Health & Wellness Coaching

Performance Coaching

Leadership Coaching

Career Coaching

Parent Coaching

Executive Coaching

Transition Coaching

Leadership Coaching

Career Coaching

Parent Coaching

Who can attend ?

Life-long Learners

Anyone seeking self growth

Psychology Enthusiasts

Anyone wants to contribute to Society

Anyone wanting to make Social impact

PhD Aspirants

Programme Structure

Life Skills Education Imagined for a New Reality

This programme blends the best of the premium online learning experience with advanced coaching practice sessions, taught by the best minds in emotional intelligence & coaching space. You will gain skills to advance your leadership, training & coaching goals and map your career for future success.

Coaching Practice Sessions
Online Learning
Live Virtual

Designed to focus on strategic thinking, cross - functional knowledge, innovation, and developing personal relationships, the degree is carefully structured with integrated modules that will be delivered in a blended format – online, self-paced sessions, LIVE Virtual sessions and campus immersions. The program spans 12 months of blended learning + 10 months of coaching practice sessions. It will provide you the flexibility to adopt an agile approach to apply your new learnings at your workplace.

Programme Journey

Masters in Emotional Intelligence

Dual Mumbai University Master’s x ICF USA Certification Advantage

MMLs Dual Master’s x world’s premium certification is crafted to accelerate your career in the Emotional Intelligence & Life Coaching Space. In collaboration with Mumbai University x ICF,, this program provides a comprehensive learning experience with an emphasis on hands-on learning.

Masters In Collaboration with Mumbai University

Learn from industry expert coaches & get to be their personal mentees

Reinforce learning by regular coaching practice by doing live sessions

Our constant quest to bring to you the latest in the global coaching industry leads us to collaborate with the best in their fields

Certificate by Mumbai University & achieve Mumbai University alumni status


Globally recognised certificate in Masters degree in Emotional Intelligence and Life Coaching with 12 additional certificates highly valued by the industry

Get Ahead with MMLx ICF USA certification

Become a part of the ICF global community of Coaches & Leaders

ICF is dedicated to advancing the coaching profession and is the gold standard in coaching

MML has the resources to help entrepreneurs which enables them to fill the gaps and enable their ventures to take off


MML Business Support Program

The MML Professional Support System provides program participants with practical, and far-reaching career advancement and transformation options. MML is dedicated to assisting its students in connecting, exploring, and empowering their future & supporting learners looking for a new career. Coaches wanting to set out on their entrepreneurial journey are supported in the following ways:

Opportunity to become inhouse coach and get coaching assignments.

Access to the global coach circle to gain paid clients & projects

MML helps in brand building, business planning, business launch and growth through its brand boutique for coaches


This Premium Masters Degree blends extensive hands-on training with self-paced learning.

Brain child of MML and jointly developed by Mumbai University & ICF USA with national & international instructor-led classes designed to make the student industry & life ready.

Live projects and Coaching practice sessions culminate student’s learning experience while reinforcing life skills with coaching and transforming people’s lives.

Ideal Candidates

Candidates who wish to apply for Masters in Emotional Intelligence & Life Coaching should have:

Any graduate degree from a recognised university. No age limit.

Anyone looking for self growth & self development in a structured & comprehensive manner.

Free Behavioural Intelligence Tool

Meet Your Faculty Coaches

Learn from the best talent, industry leaders and wonderful humans who will go above & beyond to help you become a successful entrepreneur, coach and a life skills professional.

Find out how MML’s Master’s Degree
transformed our student’s lives


INR 5.23 Lacs

No cost EMI starts at Rs 20,000/month

Scholarships & Earn while learn Program Available

Scholarships & Earn while learn Program Available

Dual Degree & Certification Program

Gain cross domain Knowledge which help you gain better perspective on life and career

Any graduate degree. No age limit.

Any graduate degree from recognised university. No age limit.

Enrolment Process

Selection Process : Online Entrance Exam (50 Marks) + Online Personal Interview (50 Marks)

Online entrance exam
There are five sections in this Test:
• Verbal Comprehension
• Advanced Verbal Reasoning
• Decision Making
• Abstract Reasoning
• Situational Judgment

Online personal interview
To test the clarity of purpose and background of the candidate. This is the most crucial step of the selection process where 1 in every 50 candidates gets selected.

Mumbai University GICED admission process

Pro Bundle Rs 3999
6 workshops

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MasterMyLife ICF CCE MasterClass Workshop

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Deepak Varma
Founder and Director

Deepak Varma is the creator of the accredited diploma in Speakology™ program. An Ikigai™ Coach, Deepak is a renowned keynote speaker and also a healer who has developed the healing technique, “Healify” which taps into the subconscious of the individual to holistically heal his clients. His free e-book on Ikigai can be downloaded at

He has conducted more than 3000 workshops across 10 countries, trained 35000+ individuals from more than 75 organizations. He has authored the best selling book “The Joyful Quotient” in 2019. Deepak is a master Udemy trainer with 4000 students, and growing every second, spread across the globe. He is also the co-founder of Entrepreneurs International, a learning and networking platform with executive members from 30 countries across the globe.

His Free and Paid learning courses can be viewed at

Associated with MML : Faculty Member
Organization Name : Technospirit Consultancy
Focus Area : Ikigai™, Speakology™, Healify

Anita Sachdev

Anita Sachdev is an Intercultural consultant, leadership coach and a thought partner A globally seasoned business professional and an Award Winner ICF-PCC certified coach. Anita’s versatile leadership experience spanning over four decades across multiple industries, countries, and cultures to enable coachees to bust through their mental blocks and transform them into dynamic, confident decision makers. Besides coaching business leaders, I support clients during life transitions, ignite ambition, and propel growth by freeing  their minds to boldly embrace new opportunities with unwavering certainty.  My  group coaching programs support “Career Pathfinders” and Women to “Step into the Spotlight” have gained global recognition.

Associated with MML : Faculty Member/ Coach
Organization Name : I’ve Made it
Focus Area : Executive, Leadership and Career Coach, Cross Cultural Cultural Consultant

Masters in Emotional Intelligence & Human Relations

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Masters Degree in Emotional Intelligence & Life Coaching

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International certification by ICF

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