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ICF CCE Certification Program

Advance your understanding of human behaviour & programme your mind to lead a successful life
Advance your understanding of human behaviour & programme your mind to lead a successful life

6 Weeks

Weekday Batch

ICF Certification

with 36 ICF CCE units

EMI options

starting from INR 2206


study mode

One Journey. Many Outcomes.

Become a better Coach


Model the right NLP skills to your clients


Assist clients in applying NLP tools and techniques in their own lives


Assist clients in applying EI in their own lives


Customize your coach journey with ICF – ACC/PCC/MCC

Gain fulfillment in personal life


Experience higher levels of self-motivation


Feel more confident and secure enough to be flexible


Improve interpersonal relationships


Gain emotional maturity and regulate your emotions better

Thrive as a professional leader


Understand your team better and communicate with compassion


Build and experience a high-performance work culture by building empathy and encouraging self-motivation


Cascade the effect of great leadership and management skills

Key Highlights

Earn 36 ICF CCE units in 3-6 weeks to renew your coaching credential
Revisit and update your coaching knowledge
Coaching Business Support
24*7 online Learning Management System (LMS) support
Network with industry experts in allied fields
10+ NLP based tools and techniques
Gain 7 international certificates from ICF, USA
Program Fee 

INR 37,500 + 18% GST 

USD 590

How NLP can benefit you and your clients

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Personal development
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NLP coach
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Top skills you will learn

⦿ Utilising Emotional Intelligence in your coaching practice

⦿ Development of Emotional Intelligence competencies

Who is this Program for?

⦿ Coaches looking to upgrade their knowledge and earn CCE units

⦿HR professionals wanting to acquire new tools

Business Support from MML

⦿ Development of Emotional Intelligence competencies

⦿Utilising Emotional Intelligence in your coaching practice

Top skills you will learn

Development of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) competencies

Who is this Program for?

Coaches looking to upgrade their knowledge and earn CCE units

Business Support from MML

Branding of your coaching business


Extensive curriculum built by industry leaders and mentor coaches to equip students with relevant learning.

MML x ICF Certification

NLP Coach Program

Become a part of a global community of NLP experts 
Widely recognized and valued program in coaching and life-skills space
Get access to the ICF Global coach community
Opportunity to earn 24 ICF CCE units & become a certified NLP Master expert.
Get an opportunity to earn 6 certifications as an optional add-on for no additional cost.

Program Faculty

Hemant Lawanghare

Founder Director MML, Emotional & Behavioural Intelligence Expert, ICF Executive Coach & NLP Master Practitioner 

Latha Iyer

ICF PCC Leadership & Growth Coach, OD Coach and NLP Master Coach

Shyam Kalle

ICF Mid-Career Transformation Coach & NLP Master Coach


Introduction to Positive Psychology

⦿ A brief History of Positive Psychology and It’s Influences

⦿  Dimensions of Positive Psychology

⦿  Dr. Masaru Emoto’s Experiment on water

⦿  Positive Psychology Assessments

Positive Emotions

⦿ Positive Feelings & Positive Character

⦿ Satisfaction about the Past & Happiness in the Present

⦿ Optimism about the Future – The ABCDE Model

⦿ Introduction to the PERMA Model by Dr. Martin Seligman

The Science of Happiness

⦿ What Is Happiness and How to Measure It?

⦿ Myths, Theories, Facts & Findings about Happiness

⦿ Forgiveness

⦿ Gratitude

Cultivating Resilience

⦿ Definition of Resilience and Foundational Research

⦿ Theories of Resilience

⦿ Promoting Resilience Through Challenges and Loss

⦿ Cultivating Resilience

NLP Meta Model

⦿ Identifying the Filters – Deletion, Distortion, Generalization

⦿ Meta Model’s 9 Distinctions

⦿ Exercise – Identifying the Meta Model

⦿ Coaching Practice Session – Using Meta Model for Coaching Questions

NLP States & Strategies

⦿ How to gain access to Mental & Emotional States

⦿ Anchoring

⦿ Phases of Strategy Work

⦿ Guidelines for Strategy Elicitation

Milton Model

⦿ Why be intentionally vague?

⦿ Mind reading statements

⦿ Cause and Effect statements

⦿ Modal Operators

⦿ Coaching Practice Session – Coaching using Milton Model

Meta Programs Meta Programs

⦿ Meta: Towards – Away From

⦿ Meta: Internal – External Reference

⦿ Meta: Options – Procedure

⦿ Meta: Proactive – Reflective

⦿ Meta: Specific – General

⦿ Meta: Independency – Teamwork

⦿ Coaching Practice Session – Coaching with Meta Programs

Perceptual Positions & Reframing

⦿ First, Second & Third Position

⦿ Exercise – Exploring Perceptual Positions

⦿ Working Theory of Reframing

⦿ Six Steps Reframing

⦿ Exercise – Reframing


⦿ Timeline Elicitation

⦿ Changing your Timeline

⦿ Plan your Future

⦿ Exercise – Timeline

Understanding & Working with Client's Behavioural Profile and Neurological Levels

⦿ Physiology Map

⦿ Identify your & client’s DiSC Profile

⦿ Neurological Levels

⦿ Coaching Practice Session – Coaching with Behaviour Profile & Neurological Levels

Coaching for Behavioural Change

⦿ Coaching Process – 5 Stages

⦿ ICF Core Coach Competencies – Utilizing NLP to develop Coaching Mindset

⦿ Utilizing Meta Model, Meta Programs, Milton Model & DiSC Profile during the Coaching Session for – Cultivating Trust & Intimacy, Powerful Questioning, Designing Assignments & Facilitating Client’s Growth

⦿ NLP Coaching Practice Session

Group exercise Sessions
LMS Access
Synchronous learning hours
Asynchronous learning hours

The MML Advantage

An Amazing Journey of self discovery & leadership awaits for you

In need of more detail – we are always up for sharing more!

What’s Included in the course
❯ Internationally recognized ICF certification with 36 ICF CCE units
❯ 7 International certifications by International Coach federation
❯ Life-long membership to MML Coaching Circle & access to MMLs e-library

❯ The fee can be paid in 3 – 60 monthly installments 

❯ ICF PCC, MCC & International Domain experts as Trainers