Get program details to discover your roadmap to coaching success
Impacted 20,000+ lives
Delivered 100,000+ training hours
Mentors from 20+ countries
Students from 30+ nationalities

“One of the best things about MML’s Program is the Full End to End Ecosystem. New Coaches have no knowledge of how to set up a process, find a specialisation, find the right clients etc. MML’s Global Coach Certification Program covers all the elements necessary for a coach to succeed.  ”

– Jackie Shwabe (USA)

“MML’s Program is One of the most efficient and fast track route to becoming an ICF PCC Certified Coach and establishing a successful global business in coaching! ”

– Stania Zbela (USA)

“The integration of essential factors of coaching education combined with Vedic Wisdom and ensuring self-transformation of individuals before they become coaches is brilliant and necessary! ”

– Lynne Brisdon (USA)

Build your ICF Coaching career with a winning business plan in 6 months

Gain freedom. Experience real transformation. Attain lifelong growth.
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“The energy in the whole team is dedicated to bringing world-class coaching education and support to the learner. Learning focused towards competency building backed by psychology really makes GCCP the best ICF program.”

- Shirley Schulz (Australia)

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Get program details

I want info on Fees, Curriculum & My Customised Roadmap for Becoming a Successful ICF Coach.

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Our Collaborators

Our Collaborators x
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Program Length

  • PCC Level 2: 6 Months – 175 Hours
  • ACC Level 1: 3 Months – 97 Hours

Mode of Delivery

Globally – Virtual Live Sessions in English

New Batches
Every Month

  • 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM EDT
  • 7:30 PM -9:30 PM EDT

*Flexible batch timings

Program Length

  • PCC Level 2:
    6 Months – 175 Hours
  • ACC Level 1:
    3 Months – 97 Hours

Mode of Delivery

Globally – Virtual Live Sessions in English

Upcoming Batches

  • Each Tuesday & Thursday
    Starting February 7, 2023
    6.30 pm – 9.30 pm IST
  • Each Wednesday & Friday
    Starting February 8, 2023
    5 am – 7 am IST
Your Path Of Freedom, Social Impact, and Recognition Starts Here
We understand this journey is important to YOU.
It is beyond a program or a certification
Do you relate 👇?
I dont know if Coaching
I dont know if Coaching
I am looking for the RIGHT coaching institute but…
I am unable to find MY best fit. A place I can connect with.
I am not sure if I can transition
I am not sure if I can transition
Coaching looks like a great space for me but..
I am yet to figure out how it shall benefit me.
hiking 1
hiking 1
I am very passionate about helping others but…
I do not have a set structure or support system.
I am unsure whether
I am unsure whether
I am looking for a path to..
Reach the pinnacle of my potential.
quality of life
quality of life
I want to know how I can…
Make my life more meaningful and fulfilling.
I dont have enough time
I dont have enough time
​​I don’t have enough time as I…
Have to juggle between work and personal life.
I am very passionate about coaching
I am very passionate about coaching
I am not sure how I can…
Successfully transition into a coaching career.
We understand how challenging it is to find the right people and platform you can trust.
Become a successful coach through our proven system –
The MasterMyLife Success Roadmap (MSR)
The MSR has impacted 10,000+ individuals to achieve success and fulfillment in their coaching journey.
What you will experience:
Gain International recognition and launch your successful Coaching career with
ICF Accredited ACSTH – ACC Level 1 & ACTP – PCC Level 2 Education
Artboard 3 1
Develop competence and gain real insights from our PCC and MCC Coaching faculties from 20 countries
Transform your coaching practice into a thriving business with our Coaching business launchpad. Get a proven step-by-step roadmap to your coaching legacy.
Become a Global Expert and choose from 10+ coaching specializations with niche exploration of your interest.
+ Executive Coaching
+ Life Coaching
+ Health & Wellness Coaching
+ Relationship Coaching
+ Group Coaching
+ Business Coaching
+ Leadership Coaching
+ Career Coaching
+ Transition Coaching
+ Family Coaching
+ Spiritual Coaching
+ Mindfulness Coaching
Build a credible coaching brand with our personal branding blueprint and website creation support
Save your time by gaining your ICF credentials within 4 weeks with complete guidance on ICF application process, assessment test mastery
working time
Manage your time and other responsibilities peacefully with flexible and friendly batch timings for citizens of all nationalities
08 1
Use the 24×7 Live LMS system to track your progress and watch recordings of all live sessions later at your convenience
Form life-long relationships with accomplished handpicked quality batch mates and community members
Avail secure and flexible payment options with 12+ monthly installments to align your finances with ease

“ One does not become the best coach overnight. The most comprehensive program in coaching. 175 Hours of ICF Approved Education Delivered by Seasoned Faculties really ensure the best coaching competency development for the learners so that they become excellent coaches. ”

- Arvy (Philippines)

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What makes the
MasterMyLife Global Coach Certification Program unique?

Hear what our community has to say!

Beyond coaching business - Coaching careers

Build your career with us. Get opportunities to work with us as a faculty coach, mentor, and our core management team.
” The journey doesn’t end with the certification. MML helped me build my coaching career and gave me opportunities to expand my horizons. I am a faculty coach and a mentor coach with MML and I head the YML CMC Community for MML”
Milind Kher B2 2021 (India)
” This course has prepared me for the next level of growth in my life. The support from the community has been amazing, the kind of change these 6 months will greatly help you grow in the balance part of your life. “
Ms. Eleonora – Jan. 2023

life-long growth with the Community

Be a part of a community that houses people who are on the life-long quest of growth. The community actively supports you in coaching practice completion and wisdom mastery.

End to end credentialing support

Gain your ICF credential within 4 weeks of submission. Get FULL support to complete uptop 500 hours of your coaching practice and master the ICF assessment test.

“GCCP Program & MML faculties helped me build my competencies. The evaluation of my coaching call recordings helped me build confidence in myself and the quick approval of the same that helped me FastTrack my credentialing process.
Deepak Jindal B3 2021 (Canada)

Realise your peak potential:

16 Observed Coaching Sessions
Get detailed assessments by PCC & MCC coaches
30 hours+ Buddy Coaching
Bolster your coaching wisdom and coach your peers during your program
3 Coaching Call assessments
Get reviewed from actual ICF assessors before you apply for your credentials
50+ coaching toolkit templates
50+ plug and play templates from client onboarding to business plan
4 1
” I appreciated the support of the community for me to grow as a coach! I am an experienced corporate coach and never realized the power of Mentor Coaching. Working with Global ICF PCC/MCC Coaches during the program has helped me take my Coaching competencies to the next level. But the Who am I session really stood out for me, I have experienced evolution herself as an individual and now has reached her maximum potential.”
Beluchi Belgumcine, B4 2022 USA

“The learning & skill development that would have cost me 2-3 years, MasterMyLife gave me an opportunity to cover all the learning through the GCCP Program. The program structure comprising of ICF Competencies, Studying Psychology & Neuroscience and Spirituality have all helped me become a well rounded coach”

- Guy Van Put (Belgium) B4 April 2022.

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Look at what our learners have been saying about the MMLx ICF Global Coach Certification Program
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India’s Leading Advanced
MMLxICF Coach Training Platform

Welcome to, MML x ICF Global Coach Certification Program

I am so excited to see you here! At MML, we do things a bit differently. We don’t believe in selling the course but to give you a crafted solution based on your aspirations, goals and values. Our foundation is based on bringing meaning, self growth and wisdom to your lives. Our focus is not only to provide recognised global certifications or degrees but to be an integral part of your journey – to be a part of your growth and development even after completion of the course.

Therefore, GCCPis created with the relentless pursuit of enabling you to be a self actualised individual & a successful coach by using the power of quality education, a contributing community & a supportive ecosystem. This is the training ground for extraordinary Individuals like YOU!
gccp landing page banner
gccp landing page banner


Coaching Experts from across the world who will be helping you build your coaching competencies and develop you into an empowered & successful global coach.
icons faculty copy 2

Meghna is Director Coaching Education, Mentor Coach & Assessor at MML GCCP.

icons faculty copy 5

Parineeta, an ICF PCC Executive Coach with over 3 decades of diverse corporate experience.

icons faculty copy 3

Anita is a global business professional with 4 decades of experience across industries, geographies and cultures.

icons faculty copy 6

Pallavi, an OD consultant, EMCC Senior Practitioner, Masters in NLP, Certified in Psychotherapy, Counselling

icons faculty copy 4

Latha, an ICF PCC Leadership Coach & Mentor, is specialized in Growth and Transition.

icons faculty copy 8

Ashwini, an ICF PCC Executive Coach and Cognitive Behavioral Coach has an extensive background in Leadership Coaching.

icons faculty copy 10

Sagarika, a Counseling Psychologist and ICF PCC Coach Emotional Wellness Coach is a meditation facilitator.

icons faculty copy 9 1

Puneet, an ICF PCC Leadership and Career Transition Coach has a passion for enabling transformation, fulfilment and excellence

icons faculty copy 21

ICF MCC Coach, Author, Cornell Facilitator, MBA in Tech. Management, specialised in Executive, Leadership.

icons faculty copy 22

MBA, MSHE, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, ICF PCC, Cathy, with 35+ years of work experience in HR, is coaching professionally since 2009.

icons faculty copy 25

ICF PCC CPC Coach | Executive Coach | Enneagram Coach | Energy Leadership Master Practitioner | Expert Facilitator

icons faculty copy 26

ICF MCC Coach, Lissa supports Executives and Leaders through Conversational Intelligence®, Lissa is a Coach Host.

icons faculty copy 24

ICF PCC Coach with over 23 years of coaching experience, Gael has recruited, trained, coached and mentored

icons faculty copy 27

MS in Psychology, Professional Court Mediator, a Pilot, and ICF PCC Coach with 14 years of coaching experience, Anna’s expertise

icons faculty copy 20

ICF PCC Coach & Mentor, Mindfulness & Meditation trainer, Mentor to foreign professionals studying English and American culture.

icons faculty copy 28

ICF PCC Certified Executive Coach, certified in Profile XT assessments battery and trained in UGL leadership methodology.

icons faculty copy 33

ICF MCC Business Coach & Mentor, Lynne develops new entrepreneurs of YMCA Self Employment Program leads.

icons faculty copy 23

ICF PCC, C-IQ certified coach in the neuroscience of communication and American Confidence Institute certified

icons faculty copy 29

MS in economics, Elena is an ICF PCC and Applied Neuroscience Coach with 10+ years of experience as a supervisor, trainer & mentor

icons faculty copy 37

Zuzanna, past President of ICF Poland is an ICF PCC Business & Leadership Coach. She is a senior certified DiSC D3 Consultant

icons faculty copy 41

A certified Scrum Master, Agile Business Coach, ICF PCC Executive & Team Coach, registered ICF Mentor Coach & Credentialing Director

icons faculty copy 34

Eike is an ICF PCC Mental Fitness and Leadership Coach, Organization & Relationship System Coaching Practitioner, and Certified Positive

icons faculty copy 38

A bachelor’s in economics and a master’s in neuroscience, Zeynep is ICF PCC Coach. Having worked with Deloitte Turkey & US

icons faculty copy 35

Ph.D in Physical Culture, Psychology Graduate, ICF PCC Leadership Coach, Psychological and Wellness Counsellor.

icons faculty copy 40

MS in human communication science, MBA, ICF PCC Executive Coach, Certified Team Coach and Canfield Certified Trainer

icons faculty copy 36

Csaba, ICF PCC Coach & Mentor, has been running independent coaching, training and consulting firm since 2013.

icons faculty copy 39

A Medical Doctor (MD), MBA, Gestalt Therapist and ICF PCC Business Coach, Dr Karoly has extensive multinational experience

icons faculty copy 30

A past board member of the ICF France chapter, a global ICF PCC Executive, Leadership and Team Coach with 2,500+ coaching hours

icons faculty copy 43

ICF PCC Executive Coach specialised in utilising creative and art-based methods to support self-discovery of her clients

icons faculty copy 48

ICF PCC Coach under MCC certification. A psychologist with 20+ years of experience, mindfulness & yoga instructor

icons faculty copy 31

Banking & ITES professional, past President of ICF Philippines chapter, an ICF PCC Leadership & Executive Coach.

icons faculty copy 44

MA in Counselling Psychology & ICF PCC Coach, Ellen is a coach as well as counsellor, trainer & speaker.

icons faculty copy 49

PhD, Advanced Diploma in Life Coaching, ICF PCC, Coach Supervisor & Mentor, Goldsmith SCC, CI-Q Coach, Narrative Coach

icons faculty copy 32

ICF PCC Global Career & Leadership Coach, Global Career Development Facilitator, Top 100 Filipinos On LinkedIn

icons faculty copy 45

MA in Psychology, MBA, based in UAE, an ICF PCC Executive, Leadership & Team Coach with over 1,500 coaching hours

icons faculty copy 50

PG in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, degree in Coaching Psychology with a specialization in Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy

icons faculty copy 42

Ambassador-ICF Foundation, ex-The World Bank, an award-winning ICF PCC Executive Leadership Coach with clients

icons faculty copy 47

PhD, ICF PCC, MS in Psychology, Dr Tatiana helps leaders and professionals to take the next step in careers and life

FREE Coaching Session Booking!

This is NOT a sales call. Let's deepen your understanding
of the coaching space & know your goals and aspirations

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There's no question too small, we're here to help get the best results possible for you.

Is the program ICF certified? To which level?
Yes, The program is certified to Level 2 (PCC – ACTP). You can opt to become a Level 1(ACC) or a Level 2(PCC) coach.
When shall the next batch start? What are the batch timings?
We have global batches for students of all nationalities. Download our current program brochure to know about the ongoing and next batch dates. Click here to download the brochure. Click here to download the brochure now 👉🏻
What are the Fees of the program?
We have various coaching levels and customisable options depending on your needs and scenario. Download our program brochure to know more. Click here to download the brochure now 👉🏻
We highly suggest you talk to our clarity coach to get a detailed insight on which option is the most practical for you. Click here to talk to our clarity coach. Click here to download the brochure now 👉🏻
What would I gain from the clarity coach call?
At MML, we do not believe in selling you a course or a program. On our quest to create global citizens and strengthen our community, we desire to onboard individuals who are passionate about helping others and desire to create social impact. The clarity call is our first step towards the relationship that we shall build. It helps you to deepen your understanding of the coaching space and build a pathway towards practical steps you can take towards your coaching journey. On the other hand, it helps us understand if we can add value to your life and truly create the impact we aspire to. Click here to talk to our clarity coach.
Click here to talk to our clarity coach now 👉🏻
Are the sessions Live?
Yes, the sessions are live instructor led. You have an option to watch recordings of the live session through our 24×7 LMS support.
How many hours of my week do I have to allocate?

A minimum of 5 hours for the sessions, reflections, and practice.

Launch your successful ICF
coaching career in 6 months
With the MasterMyLife Success Roadmap

20,000 lives impacted

100,000 live training hours delivered

Students from 30+ nationalities

20,000 lives impacted

100,000 live training hours delivered

Students from 30+ nationalities

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Book your free clarity call.
Book a Call with The Best Coach in the Industry
and get actionable insights on how you
can become a Successful ICF Coach

“ True holistic development of coaches to make them successful globally! ”

- Murielle Gardret (France)

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Pro Bundle Rs 3999
6 workshops

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MasterMyLife ICF CCE MasterClass Workshop

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Deepak Varma
Founder and Director

Deepak Varma is the creator of the accredited diploma in Speakology™ program. An Ikigai™ Coach, Deepak is a renowned keynote speaker and also a healer who has developed the healing technique, “Healify” which taps into the subconscious of the individual to holistically heal his clients. His free e-book on Ikigai can be downloaded at

He has conducted more than 3000 workshops across 10 countries, trained 35000+ individuals from more than 75 organizations. He has authored the best selling book “The Joyful Quotient” in 2019. Deepak is a master Udemy trainer with 4000 students, and growing every second, spread across the globe. He is also the co-founder of Entrepreneurs International, a learning and networking platform with executive members from 30 countries across the globe.

His Free and Paid learning courses can be viewed at

Associated with MML : Faculty Member
Organization Name : Technospirit Consultancy
Focus Area : Ikigai™, Speakology™, Healify

Anita Sachdev

Anita Sachdev is an Intercultural consultant, leadership coach and a thought partner A globally seasoned business professional and an Award Winner ICF-PCC certified coach. Anita’s versatile leadership experience spanning over four decades across multiple industries, countries, and cultures to enable coachees to bust through their mental blocks and transform them into dynamic, confident decision makers. Besides coaching business leaders, I support clients during life transitions, ignite ambition, and propel growth by freeing  their minds to boldly embrace new opportunities with unwavering certainty.  My  group coaching programs support “Career Pathfinders” and Women to “Step into the Spotlight” have gained global recognition.

Associated with MML : Faculty Member/ Coach
Organization Name : I’ve Made it
Focus Area : Executive, Leadership and Career Coach, Cross Cultural Cultural Consultant

Masters in Emotional Intelligence & Human Relations

Become a future-proof professional with a 2 years professional masters degree.

Download Brochure of
Masters in Emotional Intelligence
& Human Relations

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Get in touch

Masters Degree in Emotional Intelligence & Life Coaching

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Download the ICF CCE Certification Program Brochure to know how to start your journey!

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Basic Rs 999
1 workshop

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Download Brochure of
Certification Program

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Download Brochure of
Positive Psychology Coach
ICF CCE Certification

[contact-form-7 id="35665" title="Get Brochure ICF CCE PP Coach Form"]

Download Brochure of
Positive Spiritual Intelligence
Coach ICF CCE Certification

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Request A Quote

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1 Workshop

International certification by ICF

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