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Masters Degree in Emotional
Intelligence & Life Coaching

 A meaningful life is not about being rich, being popular, highly educated, staying healthy or being perfect…it is about being real, being humble, genuine, and being able to share ourselves and touch the lives of others

how to develop life wisdom
to find meaning in your life

At some stage in our lives, we might wonder about the meaning and purpose in our life.

If you have ever had this thought in mind, don’t worry! You’re not alone!

People today are constantly looking for coaches who can guide them or ways to live a more fulfilled, and meaningful life.

Also, can you imagine setting a realistic goal without having a purpose in mind? No, right. It will be vague.

So, let’s see how to find your vision

Develop Life Wisdom

Wisdom is the ultimate combination of one’s experience, knowledge, and careful decision making. It can help you to improve your life in all aspects: emotional, mental, physical, and financial.

wheel of life

The Wheel of Life shows how to bring balance to your life, create happiness and find a deeper meaning

Wisdom helps us to deal with situations & things in the best possible way to achieve the best possible results that a person seeks--thus changing the goal-seeking behaviour.

Life Mastery and Life Purpose Discovery in 12 hours

Explore your area of genius to discover your life purpose

Learn what you’re really passionate about and how to follow it

Discover your hidden talents and master them

Learn how to live a purposeful life by contributing to others

Wisdom safeguards a person from falling into hard situations and prevents him from recklessness and hurrying in making decisions that he may regret later.

So now the big question comes-

How to become a wise person?

Here are some of the important life skills that you can adopt in your life to develop life wisdom -


Enhance your emotional wisdom to enhance your social skills and build stronger relationships.

Gain emotional maturity and regulate your emotions better.


Advances your understanding of human behaviour and programmes your mind to lead a successful life.

Become a part of the MML family to develop life wisdom and ultimately find meaning in your life.


Learn to explore your values, purpose in life. Gain tools to enhance well-being.

Find the true meaning of happiness in life.

Positive Spiritual

Help you to distinguish between ego and the higher self, find deeper meaning and purpose behind what’s on the surface.

Get access to your true spiritual nature which is undoubtedly joyous, peaceful and & loving.


Designing group coaching process

Teamwork makes it easier to know your strengths, weaknesses and hidden desires.


Understand your brain to effect change

Rewire your thoughts, emotions in a positive direction

Life Mastery and Life Purpose Discovery
in 12 hours

Rewire your thoughts, emotions in a positive direction

The 4 pillars of Master My Life

The four pillars of MML stands there for you any time of the day, helps you to reach your goals and to guide you at every step towards ultimate self-discovery.

Learning new and updated life skill tools will help you to find your inner self, where you’re heading and what is your ultimate goal/purpose in life. 

  • Life purpose test
  • Behavioural intelligence test
  • 10,000+ community members to implement the things that you learnt. 
  • Community comes to play here, it not only gives you a push but continuously replenishes and nourishes your knowledge with respect to the field that you love.

Roadblocks and brick walls are common in our life. What would ideally be helpful in our life is if there is somebody who has been there and done that.

  • 50+ mentors who with the help of their wisdom and life experience, allow us to facilitate practice and actively use life skill tools and techniques in attaining happiness and improving the quality of life.

“A coach is someone that sees beyond your limits and guides you to greatness!”

Coaches can see the real you, your problems in life, and what’s stopping you to head towards happiness and transformation.

  • 200+ coaches help you to look at the best version of yourself while being constantly motivated to lead a meaningful, happier and pleasurable life!
  • Live coaching demo sessions
four pillars of life

These 4 pillars make learning and self-transformation effective, ultimately leading to results, victory, peace of mind & happiness. This concept of leading a happier and meaningful life is all about finding the right people that can guide and mentor you to continue leading this life in a streamlined way.

Come, be a part of the community,

MML is more than just an
education institute

Mml helps you to master life
skills, tools and techniques to
enhance wisdom in just

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