Why become a Coach?

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Why become a Coach? Benefits of becoming a coach
“I want to help people” that’s your goal. Helping someone could be helping them cross the street, paying the bill for the person standing in front of you at a coffee shop because they forgot their wallet (or failed digital payments), or moving houses. All of these are fulfilling in their own ways.
“I want to help my team members and subordinates become better leaders in their profession”

“I want to help create a positive impact in my surroundings and globally by helping people realize their true potential”, and so on. These are some examples of specific goals and having a goal to become a successful individual in your chosen path. Having a specific goal will help you answer your question – Why do you want to be a coach?

Coaching is a rewarding and fulfilling profession that creates opportunities for personal growth as well as making a positive difference in the lives of your students and those around you. You have a considerably fair understanding of coaching and what it offers but you still haven’t understood why you should become a coach.
We won’t decide for you as to why you should become a coach. We’ll only point you in the right direction and help you weigh your options.
One of the first lessons in coaching is learning and understanding different personalities and behavioural profiles (DiSC). You learn to identify each person based on their traits and understand them better. This’ll assist you in providing personalized support to each individual you are coaching.
We’ve trained over 2,000 individuals to become credible coaches, better leaders, and individuals. Here are some reasons

Why becoming a coach can be a fulfilling and rewarding career choice:

Support others in achieving their goals

As a coach, you’ll have the opportunity to work closely with people who are looking to make positive changes in their lives. Whether they want to improve their career, relationships, health, or personal growth, you’ll be able to help them identify their goals and create a plan to achieve them.

Create an impact and make a positive difference

Coaching is all about empowering people to make positive changes in their lives, and this can be incredibly fulfilling. By helping others overcome challenges and achieve their goals, you’ll have the opportunity to make a real difference in their lives.

Flexibility and autonomy

If one of your goals is to have the best experience of both worlds – work and personal life, coaching offers that. It offers a high degree of flexibility and autonomy. 100s of coaches work on a freelance, consulting, or contract basis, which allows them to set their own schedules and work from wherever they choose.

Personal and professional growth

We get by giving. We grow by helping others grow. You surely must’ve heard similar quotes, which hold a high degree of truth in them. The more we give, the more we receive. And what better way than learning through guiding someone through their journey?
Coaching can be a great way to continue learning and growing as a person. As you work with your clients, you’ll be constantly exposed to new ideas and perspectives, which can help you continue to develop as a coach and evolve as an individual.

Improve your financial stability

Coaching can be a lucrative profession, especially for those who are well-established in the field. The average annual income for coaches is $61,900, according to the International Coach Federation (ICF), With experience in the field, you can become a top coach and earn much more.

Meaningful and fulfilling Work - A sense of Purpose

Coaching can provide a sense of purpose and meaning in your work. Unlike many professionals out there who live paycheck to paycheck or work jobs they don’t like to pay bills, coaching is different. It fulfills and gives a sense of purpose to those who choose it. By helping others achieve their goals and make positive changes in their lives, you’ll be able to make a positive impact and feel fulfilled in your work.

To summarize, becoming a coach could be a fulfilling and rewarding career choice that allows you to support others in their journeys. You create a beautiful impact and make a visible difference.

The upside of it, you get to enjoy flexibility and autonomy, experience personal and professional growth, earn your dream income, and find a sense of purpose. If these benefits align with your values and goals, a career as a coach may be a great fit for you.

You can get on a call with one of our expert coaches to get a deeper understanding of the coaching space and how you can take a step ahead.

Convinced enough on the Why? Not fully convinced? Here are some visible differences coaches usually notice during their journey as a coach, and

How their Contributions make a Positive Impact on Society

Opportunities for personal development

Coaching is a process of self-discovery, and many coaches find that they benefit personally from the work they do with their clients. By helping others explore their goals and challenges, coaches often find that they learn more about themselves and their own values, goals, and aspirations.

A sense of community and belonging

Coaching gets you access to amazing communities and opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals who share similar passions. Many coaches find that they form strong bonds with their clients and colleagues in the coaching industry, which can be a source of support and inspiration.

Better and balanced mental health

Coaching can have a positive impact on mental health by helping individuals develop coping skills, build resilience, and improve their overall well-being. Coaches involve in the process of identifying and address mental health challenges and develop strategies for managing their emotions and stress.

Stronger, deeper, and more meaningful personal relationships

As an individual, one of our main goals is to give time to relations and maintain strong ones. Coaching contributes to this by helping with communication skills, resolving conflicts, and building stronger connections with others. Coaches can help clients identify and address relationship challenges and develop strategies for building more meaningful and fulfilling relationships.

Contribution to society

We all aspire to give back to the community that provided us with so many resources. Coaching has a direct impact on society as you work with individuals to achieve their goals and reach their full potential. By empowering individuals to make positive changes in their lives, you contribute to a more positive and productive society.

An expanding field

The field of coaching is growing and evolving, and there are many opportunities for coaches to specialize and focus on different areas of expertise. This can provide a sense of flexibility and growth in your career as a coach and allow you to make a meaningful contribution to your area of focus.

Now that you’ve gotten a better understanding of why you could find a rewarding career in coaching, you can go to the next step. In case you still have questions, which you might have, our expert coaches will help you get clarity. Speak with them and get insights about the field. Head to this page to get in touch with a Clarity Coach.

Would like to know more? Please watch the video:

Why Become a Life Coach? | Benefits of Being a Life Coach | Hemant Lawanghare –

Choosing a coaching specialization involves gaining a lot of clarity. Have more questions? Have a Clarity call with Expert Coaches

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Deepak Varma
Founder and Director

Deepak Varma is the creator of the accredited diploma in Speakology™ program. An Ikigai™ Coach, Deepak is a renowned keynote speaker and also a healer who has developed the healing technique, “Healify” which taps into the subconscious of the individual to holistically heal his clients. His free e-book on Ikigai can be downloaded at bit.ly/iki-ebook

He has conducted more than 3000 workshops across 10 countries, trained 35000+ individuals from more than 75 organizations. He has authored the best selling book “The Joyful Quotient” in 2019. Deepak is a master Udemy trainer with 4000 students, and growing every second, spread across the globe. He is also the co-founder of Entrepreneurs International, a learning and networking platform with executive members from 30 countries across the globe.

His Free and Paid learning courses can be viewed at www.deepakvarma.in

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Anita Sachdev

Anita Sachdev is an Intercultural consultant, leadership coach and a thought partner A globally seasoned business professional and an Award Winner ICF-PCC certified coach. Anita’s versatile leadership experience spanning over four decades across multiple industries, countries, and cultures to enable coachees to bust through their mental blocks and transform them into dynamic, confident decision makers. Besides coaching business leaders, I support clients during life transitions, ignite ambition, and propel growth by freeing  their minds to boldly embrace new opportunities with unwavering certainty.  My  group coaching programs support “Career Pathfinders” and Women to “Step into the Spotlight” have gained global recognition.

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